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Dan Hurder

Dan Hurder, Chief Executive Officer of Great Plains Hospitality started his career with Hilton Garden Inn hotels after completing his BSBA in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management at the University of Denver- Daniels College of Business. After eight years of operations based positions, including most recently as the General Manager of the Hilton Garden Inn Fargo, Hurder ventured into entrepreneurship with the purchase of The Otter Supper Club and Lodge while subsequently incorporating Great Plains Hospitality. Since 2011, Hurder has continued to open, operate, and manage successful restaurants across the Fargo-Moorhead area.​

Kent Larsen

As Director of Catering Operations for Great Plains Hospitality, Kent "manages the managers" offering his expertise from years in the industry from both a front of house and back of house perspective.  Kent has been working in the service industry from the age of 18. He has split his time evenly between running kitchens and managing the front of house in restaurants and bars. He has accumulated 5 awards for his cocktails including Best Bloody Mary in North Dakota by Absolut Vodka, and winning the High Plains Readers annual cocktail showdown.

Dexter Brown Managing partner

Having started as a part time line cook at The Otter less than 5 years ago, Dexter has progressed quickly through the operational ranks to his current role as General Manager/Executive Chef at The Otter Supper Club an Lodge.  As GM of one of the most unique properties in the GPH portfolio, Dexter is tasked with overseeing the operations of a small lodge, full service restaurant, bar, and liquor store

Lacy Onstad Executive Chef
Lacy has been in the kitchen since she was 16 years old. She has nearly 20 years of experience in running and operating commercial kitchens. She has played a key role in opening every new restaurant in Great Plains Hospitality, and has made a tremendous impact on her co-workers. Lacy is currently the Kitchen Manager of Chef's Table Catering.

Jenny Olson General Manager

Jenny started ground level and quickly worked her way up to through the ranks in the restaurant world. Starting as hostess at our Boiler Room Fargo location, Jenny displayed hard work and dedication to the team and continues to help grow the company. New to motherhood, her talent of overseeing a busy restaurant has not declined with her 2nd new full time job of being a mom.

JEFF Urban managing partner executive chef

Cassie Hahn

Cassie Hahn, Director of Operations of Great Plains Hospitality coming from over 20 years of restaurant experience in both back of house end front of house operations, we were excited to add her to our team. Cassie is eager to help grow new ideas, and roll up her sleeves whenever necessary to get the job done. Passionate about food and beverage as well as a strong desire to inspire and support all of our teams. Find her bouncing around our portfolio of locations, offering a hand to cook or jumping behind the bar to serve a beverage.

Tona Sweeney 

Tona is the General Manager of our Boiler Room in Wahpeton and came to us from an extensive background in the banking world. Successfully managing two full time careers she recently decided to go all in on the hospitality industry and step away from her 20 years in banking. Tona has a passion for learning new things and has embraced her role as General Manager with a can do mentality, quickly learning the operations of the kitchen as well as the front of house. She loves creating new cocktails, menu items and is constantly on the lookout for fun new additions. 


Jake is an alum of North Dakota State University Hospitality and Tourism Management Program. 




Kelsey Ballinger SALES manager Chefs table

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